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Barons From Behind The Hill

Barões detrás do morro

2018 / Feature / Drama

Directed by Germano de Oliveira

Written by Germano de Oliveira and Marcela Bordin

Production Companies: Avante Filmes, Besouro Filmes and Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre

Funds: Edital Plataforma FUMPROARTE 2016

In 1820, the French explorer and naturalist Auguste de Saint Hilaire travels with his assistant Julien through the southern region of Brazil, while researching the local fauna and flora, and poetically reports his tedious days spent in the midst of the tropical nature. Two hundred years later, in the field where the explorer planted the seed of a sacred tree, lives Bertha, a 70-year-old woman, in an isolated German community.

In the village’s big annual party, when Johann tells the story of two Barons who were greedy for power and tried to decimate the people that lived in that same region, the townspeople laugh. As they prepare for the next year’s party, Bertha and the rest of the people, secretly moved by Johann’s story, experience a mixture of fear and fascination for two mysterious strangers, who are settled in an empty house on the other side of the hill watching the village, and should make contact at any time.

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  • Olhar de Cinema ‘16 / Curitiba_Lab