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La Botera

La Botera

2018 / Feature / Drama

Written and directed by Sabrina Blanco

Production Companies: Besouro Filmes / Murillo Cine

Funds: INCAA, Ibermedia

Tati is 14 years old and lives in a humble house by the river, with her father, who barely takes care of her. She is an emotionally unstable and rather manly child, who doesn`t fit in her environment. Obsessed with being Boat rower, every day she unsuccessfully tries to ride the boat. One afternoon, a 17 years old labourer arrives and starts working with it. Tati tries to stop him until he offers to teach her to row in exchange of her allowing him to work in peace. She accepts, and without notice, ends up falling in love. Tati goes through her first love disappointment, while she assumes her feminity and grows up by force in an aggressive context.