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2019 / Feature / Comedy

Directed by Joaquín Peñagaricano and Pablo Abdala

Production Companies: Besouro Filmes, Jengibre Producciones and Coelho Voador

Funds: Edital ANCINE/ICAU 2016, ICAU Fundo de desenvolvimento, Montevideo Socioaudiovisual / Development, Fundo ICAU 2014 de Produção, FONA, Montevideo Socioaudiovisual / Opera-prima

Moncho and Fico travel along a deserted road in Uruguay’s countryside. It’s the year 2045 and they are illegal sellers of the mate herb. As they travel down a road to their first stop, Moncho’s voice begins to tell us their story. Five years earlier, in order to rid the continent of drugs, the United States conducted selective fumigation on coca and marijuana plantations in South America. These were not affected - only the mate plants were. This fact, insignificant for the rest of the world, changes the lives of the Uruguayans, and the lives of Moncho and Fico, that become “transas” (illegal sellers) of the herb.

Labs, mercados e eventos

  • San Sebastián / Cine en Construcción 34