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2018 / Feature / Documentary

Directed by Thais Fernandes

Production Companies: Globo News, Besouro Filmes and Epifania Filmes

Funds: Globo News

Portuñol dives in the culture of the border areas between Brazil and its neighbors Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. The portuñol, a language born from the intersection of cultures, is a pretext to speak about the genesis of Latin America. A journey that goes from the south to the north of the country, undoing physical limits and unveiling the Latinicity that unites different characters. A deconstructing path that does not seek an answer, but rather to break all possible certainties of what it means to exist at the edges of cultural definitions.

Labs, markets and events

  • XIV Panorama Internacional Coisa de Cinema / PanLAB - Editing Laboratory