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The Rough Life Of The Animals Of The Sky

A Vida Bruta dos Animais do Céu

2019 / Feature / Drama

Directed by Tyrell Spencer

Written by Guilherme Zanella

Production Companies: Besouro Filmes and Galo de Briga Produções

About to turn 11 years old, Hugo travels to the seaside with the expectation of meeting his father for the first time. While dealing with his own feelings and questioning issues such as family and abandonment, the boy completes the paternal absence with stories he creates for himself.

Hugo spends his days at his family’s beach house with Rafaella, his depressive mother; Gabriela, his pregnant aunt; Michele, his aunt’s husband and Elena, his mother’s lonely friend. At the same time that he learns the different tensions between his relatives, he finds in Ágatha, the neighbor’s adventurous daughter, a refuge for his imagination. With Ágatha, his mission is to take care of the eggs they find in the backyard and prevent them from being abandoned.

Labs, markets and events

  • VI Laboratório Novas Histórias
  • Finalist at FRAPA 2017 / Feature film competition